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  1. New study on Uber drivers

    Uber just published a study that takes a close look into the economics and demographics of its drivers. Uber is clearly having a positive economic impact on cities and states that adopt smart, modern regulations for the ridesharing industry. You can read the study by clicking here. Here are some news articles reporting on the […]

  2. Uber reduces drunk driving

    When I head to the bar with my friends, we all useĀ Uber. It’s more responsible than driving drunk and a hell of a lot cheaper than getting a DUI. It’s simply the smart thing to do. Are you headed to a New Year’s Eve party tonight and plan on drinking? Then you should plan on […]

  3. Democrats and Republicans support Uber

    Did you know Uber has bipartisan support? Democrats and Republicans alike support the expansion of Uber in cities across the country. David Plouffe, President Obama’s campaign manager in 2008, serves as one of Uber’s top ambassadors. He actively works to help cities better understand how Uber operates so it can expand its presence. John Hickenlooper, […]

  4. We need to stand with Uber

    Ever since Uber entered Des Moines it has been under attack. City officials are looking to pass an ordinance that will stop uberX and similar ridesharing services from operating in Des Moines. These decision makers reject innovation and are more interested in limiting the transportation options consumers have in Des Moines. This is not a […]