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  1. Update: Des Moines City Council delays vote on Uber ordinance

    December 8, 2014 The Des Moines City Council decided to postpone the vote on a new ordinance regulating rideshare companies. You can read news reports about the decision below. The Des Moines Register: Uber rules delayed until 2015 New rules aimed at regulating Uber, an app-based ridesharing service, will have to wait until early next […]

  2. The Des Moines Register defends Uber

    City’s proposed Uber ordinance goes too far The Register’s Editorial — December 3, 2014 Instead of hailing a taxicab, people in more than 200 cities now use their smart phones and Uber. The California-based company connects passengers with drivers who use their own vehicles. Customers use a credit card to create an account and turn […]

  3. Des Moines should welcome entrepreneurship, not stifle it

    December 2, 2014 Americans for Prosperity Responds to Proposed Rideshare Regulations DES MOINES – The Iowa chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the state’s foremost grassroots advocate for policies that promote entrepreneurship and consumer choice, today responded to the Des Moines city council’s proposed rideshare regulations. The rules have been called the most draconian in […]

  4. We need to stand with Uber

    Ever since Uber entered Des Moines it has been under attack. City officials are looking to pass an ordinance that will stop uberX and similar ridesharing services from operating in Des Moines. These decision makers reject innovation and are more interested in limiting the transportation options consumers have in Des Moines. This is not a […]